What is bankruptcy and what can I discharge

June 28, 2018

Define Bankruptcy What is bankruptcy and what can I discharge
What is bankruptcy and what can I discharge
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Bankruptcy Attorney Heath Berger explains what bankruptcy is and details which types of debt you are no longer legally required to pay. In Segment one Attorney Heath Berge discusses the following aspects of bankruptcy:

  • The goal of bankruptcy
  • What is a discharge
  • Which debts are discharged
  • What documentation to keep after your bankruptcy
  • Debt verses a lien

In segment two, listen to learn why bankruptcy attorney Heath Berger calls a discharge “the golden ticket”. He explains the differences between debts you discharge when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy vs. filing and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Additional topics covered include:

  • Bankruptcy and spousal support
  • Bankruptcy and child support
  • Bankruptcy and intentional Tort
  • Bankruptcy and DWI
  • Bankruptcy and student loans

Bankruptcy Attorney Heath Berger, is a Suffolk County Bankruptcy Attorney and Nassau County Bankruptcy Attorney, with offices across Long Island.